Nursing measures of colostomy

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① Vaseline or normal saline gauze shall be applied externally before stoma opening, and the external wetting accessories shall be replaced in time to prevent infection. And observe whether there is intestinal retraction, bleeding and necrosis.

② The stoma is usually opened 2-3 days after the recovery of intestinal peristalsis.

③ When the stoma is open, the patient should take the lateral position of the stoma to prevent the stoma effluent from polluting the abdominal incision dressing.

④ At the initial stage of stoma opening, keep the skin around the stoma clean and dry, and use neutral soap or 0.5% chlorhexidine solution in time.

Clean the skin around the stoma, apply zinc chloride ointment, and observe whether the skin around the stoma is red, swollen, broken, etc.

⑤ Use artificial anal bag correctly.

⑥ Pay attention to food hygiene and avoid eating food with flatulence, pungent smell, corruption and constipation.

⑦ Observation and prevention of stomal complications: stomal stenosis, intestinal obstruction and constipation.

⑧ Help patients accept the reality of stoma and improve their self-care ability.

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