Usage:Daily use for urostomy care

Products feature:

1. Soft Cureguard hydrocolloid material can fix on body shape very well

2. Odor-free pouch film, noiseless

3. Anti-flowback design inside can desperse the liquid, make the bag more balance

4. Dry touch feeling with the nonwoven cover of the pouch

5. Elastomer uring drainage can handle the uring discharge.


1. Skin barrier size: Diameter=9cm, thickness=0.75mm

2. Maximun cutting: up to 50mm

3. Pouch size: Circle, 14.5cm x 22.5cm

4. Water-resistance nonwoven cover (single side)

5. Pouch color: transparent (suggested) or beige

6. Elastomer drainage


1.   Flange: Skin Hi-match Cureguard hydrocolloid

2.  Pouch:  5 layers extuded odor seal film

3.  Color: Transparent/Beige

4.  Filter: Active carbon bar filter

Packing info:

15pcs/box, 20boxes/ctn



       1. Flange size: 9cm,

          Thickness 0.75mm      

       2. Maximun cutting: up to 50mm

       3. Pouch size: 14.5cm x 22.5cm

       4. Elastomer drainage

       5. Water-resistance nonwoven cover (single side)

       6. Pouch color: transparent (suggested) or beige

       7. Volumn: ≥390ml

Key advanced

Skin barrier:

1. Very soft and comfortable

2. High-Match to skin micro-surface, block the leakge 

3. Less skin irritation can occur.

4. high liquid absorb rate, avoid skin maceration

Pouch film:

1. odor-free in both dry or moisture situation

2. noiseless and very soft

3. Safety-seal technology, can endure 20kgs sudden



Skin High-Match

Instead of using high adhesive material, we improve the pouch adhesive ability by increasing the adhesive area onto the skin.

Adhesive material matches to the micro-surface of the skin, enter into the wrinkles and block the leakage chanels.

Less skin irritation will occur by the Skin High-Match technology

No hurt when peel off the pouch from skin.

No Odor No Distance

Uncomfortable smell always troubled ostomies a lot.

BAO-Health uses soft film which can seal odor inside the pouch tightly. No smell can be felt even in very close distance.

The odor-seal function will not be influenced by the high moisture inside the pouch, and can lasting a longtime until you change the pouch.

BAO-Health pouch allows you embrace your life and those who you loved without distance.

Anti-flowback design

BAO-Health use anti-flowback with liquid balance design.

Uring flow has been designed to go through the anti-flowback system, stay in an sperately chamber, avoid irritation of the stoma or skin.


Flex-insert plug

BAO-Health use a special elastomer material for the uring drainage.

The uring-flow can be easily controlled by finger pressure. You can stop the uring flow when open the plug, and loose your finger to let the uring out when you prepared. No worry, the uring will dirty your cloth or floor.