Usage: Use together with two pc pouch.

Easier to change or clean the pouch.

Longer ware time than One pc pouch, avoid skin damage by change the pouch.

Products feature:

1. Soft Cureguard hydrocolloid material can fix on body shape very well

2. Glue are flexible, and fix the stoma shape very well.

3. Anti-leakage design coupling system

4. No pressure coupling design, no hurt when install the pouch.

5. Pouch is revolvable when connect to the skin barrier.

6. Soft-Convex supporter, prevent pressure ulcer.


1. Skin barrier size: 10cm x 10cm/12.5cm x 12.5cm, thickness=1.2

2. Maximun cutting: 32/45/57mm

3. Flexible coupling ring

4. No pressure coupling design




1.   Flange: Skin Hi-match Cureguard hydrocolloid              

2.  Click coupling ring with thin flange

3.  Zero-pressure couping system

4.  Soft-Convex supporter





1.  Flange size: 10cm                

2.  Initial opening: 15mm

3.  Couple ring size: 60mm         

4.  Cutting range: 32/45mm               

5.  Zero-pressure coupling system   


1.  Flange size: 12.5cm                

2.  Initial opening: 15mm               

3.  Couple ring size: 80mm         

4.  Cutting range: 57mm                

5.  Zero-pressure coupling system  



Key advanced                

Skin barrier:                

1. Very soft and comfortable                

2. High-Match to skin micro-surface, block the leakge             

3. Less skin irritation can occur.                

4. high liquid absorb rate, avoid skin maceration

5. Soft-Convex supporter can prevent pressure ulcer occuring  





Skin High-Match                


Instead of using high adhesive material, we improve the pouch adhesive ability by increasing the adhesive area onto the skin.                


Adhesive material matches to the micro-surface of the skin, enter into the wrinkles and block the leakage chanels.                


Less skin irritation will occur by the Skin High-Match technology                


No hurt when peel off the pouch from skin.                


Safe Connector Design for 2 PCS Pouch

BAO-Health uses Anti-leakage lock system for connector between skin barriers and pouches.

In the dailylife, pressure by occassion is unavoidable put on the pouch surface. The lock system allows patients install the pouch by just a slight finger pressure. The pouch will keep safe onto the skin barrier without belt, avoid leakage which usually happened by poor connection between skin barries and pouches

BAO-Health is very care your safe using experience



Zero-Pressure Coupling System

BAO-Health designed the floating coupling system, allowed finger enter into the space under the floating layer.

The pouches can be easily install without any pressure will be applied on belly.

No hurt will occured.